The Reflex.

Don't injustice me. Please refrain from even daring to convince me that you aren't trying to pull wool socks over my piercing ice blue eyes. It won't work. I cannot be bought. I shall not be moved. I saw you from over there, and I knew what you were up to. I did. I just knew it.
For being every inch of 1 meter tall, he occurs as a transplant from a far more vertical place; Holland, Germany, Sweden...the oceans of Japan. The disposition, however, is purely U.S.; they did...WHAT?! To WHOM?!! WHY?!! NO WAY?!! @#%&! AaRrrrggghh! A guided missle with the power to both influence policy and...really influence policy, ladies and gentlemen - Corey Lamp.

From the moment we met I noticed a fierce independent streak and a keen interest in order. He has the discipline of an architect or an engineer - things must be just so - combined with the will of a conscious cop. One with a substantial billy club. You weren't going to do that thing, causing harm to yourself and others, were you? I just knew it.

Thanks Corey - for knowing - and mostly, for responsibly sharing the knowing. The world is a much taller place with you in it.

(Corey is N0. 44 of the '250...mofos' series)

Don't Forget About Me.

Nicole Rae won't dare let you look past her (oops, just a moment, please, while I respond to one of her texts). If she doesn't catch your attention with a glance, trip you with a savory remark, turn talk tawdry, then she will surely sway you with her...assets. The hair! The hips! The hype! Halo!

Ms Rae is pop-culture permanence and oxycontin candy. Take your mind off what ails you with the slow drip of distraction; mmmm - feels so nice, I may visit twice (here's another tweet). Sure, sure, there'll be time to pay that bill...l-a-t-e-r. Did you remember to roll the window down for baby? Wha? There's a window?

She's also a pratt-fall. Far-and-away the most likely of the 250 mofos to take the suitcase out of the house without her grace tablets; she's a beauty you don't want to leave alone with the band-aids - she's got a creative relationship with them. Surely 25,000 tweets can't be wrong...

(Nicole Rae is N0. 43 of the '250...mofos.')

You Got Me.

The phenom. The catch. The braintrust of Option Model and Media's kids division, Chas Thompson is the rookie-of the year; equal parts Magic Johnson and Hidetoshi Nakata. She is as creatively relentless with her mind and voice, as either of those great athletes were, on the court or pitch. She is an acrobat in open space, pacesetting when she's leading by example; pushing the herd gently with clairvoyant conviction...when she's leading from over there...

She gets me the rock in rhythm, right where I am at my best. No boundaries, no limits and everything is possible. Chas makes me better, and what's better than that? Better? You bet.

I can't be more clear than to say thank you; for your friendship, partnership and belief.

Mama Didn't Raise No Fool, But Papa Don't Take No Mess.

I love, I mean, fear, rather...adore Adrianné Davis Brown. I'm laughing as I write this because I hadn't really put words to my feelings until now. Davis is the original Girlfight. She carries on a storied family lineage of military service; having answered reveille as an MP.  I get the sense that ADB could send me to slumber, with little effort, if she chose to - not that I'm resisting. Reliably, there is an anticipated ecstasy to the bite of a vampire - and I imagine, post the suspense of will I or won't I, a sweet relief to the scorpion's bite - a being gotten. >Yessss.

Alternatively, I receive glimpses that maybe the vigilant eye of Davis is all for show; like the  sign outside a pekinese guarded fence announcing 'beware of dog!' I don't think so. Maybe she's really a sweetie, a snuggler, a man's best friend. Perhaps not this man's best friend, but someone for who I am honored is riding shotgun on my journey...

(Davis is numero 42 in the '250...mofos' series)


Passionate risk taker. The grit of a future country music legend. Vir-tu-o-so lovely. A seismic smile matched only by the outbreak of her hair. Maybe we should call Layla Brisbois the breaker; as in a ground swell movement. Find out for yourself - powerful enough to catch and hold your gaze in a photograph. Lasting enough to sign-off with a ripple, face-to-face. Wave...

(N0. 41 of the '250...mofos', series)

Monster Mask.

Life needn't be so serious. Yet, serious, is. Ever felt the Monday Monkey on your chest? Or had the bad weather whines? Yeah, I know. So for the minute that you and I drift over the line, drunk towards significance, along comes a rail of sobriety who's laughing at our pomp and...circumstances.

Yes, we're all dealing with stuff -  it's weighty and important (we think), but fear not. Ryan McCauley is here to bump you back. Seriously...Ryan paints robots.

A voguish Van Gogh without the mania, Ryan is Nashville's texture, color, and underground pop. His mark is indelible; he creates the Jetson's-era 2000s in two dimensions (sometimes three); engineering an army of robots, ubiquitous as the canoodling of guitar strings, 'round here. 

Watch the walls. Examine the corners. Look up! If Ryan gets his way Nashville will soon be known as 'Robot City.' He's gettin' paint on everything! Tag - you're it.

Gimme Shelter.

Pioneers on the new frontier of sound. Bandits on the beat. Jammin' on the one. Gregory Lattimer and Kevin Smith are throwing the garage door wide open; get your rig and head on down to the tightest after-school program going! NOW Records is the rebellion's response to a music-industry malaise: during a time when your ma and pa's record/cd collection has joined ye ol' polaroid camera for novelty status, NOW embraces the one-off rock single. Get yer ya-yas out, in a hurry; tomorrow is not promised thee...

It's an idea whose time has come back around: YouTube hits are posing as the modern Billboard chart, why not make music for the masses that you can pull right off the dime-store shelf? Who's got time to wait for the 17 track magnum opus? 

These imminent impresarios are as likely to get their work done with an oversized wrench as with a microphone. When the owner of Music City Motorcycle (Panhead Phil) heard what they were up to, he extended the ultimate barracks, to bang their drum in. 112 square meters of grease-monkey heaven; an instant studio legend! There they are now, nestled in behind the Harley V Rod - VROOM - wait! That's not a's a Gibson! They're singin' anthems to the dearth of corporate ideals now:

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she

with silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Thank you Kevin and Gregory for bringing love, and lightness to a challenged industry.

Oh Girl.

How grateful I am to live in a place outside of New York or L.A. and still commune among stars - while witnessing the formation of new...bursts. 

In a town known for music; for singers, songwriters and performers - I didn't have to look further than a few doors down for a bit of ready-made popular culture named Kindred Sheeler. 

I might have missed the power of this spirit, but for her insistence on collaboration...and relevance. She's taught me how fleeting my first read on someone can be; once again the reminder to be conscious, present...awake. Growth is not a future but now phenomenon. 

Her texts flutter like nectar-starved hummingbirds; 'let me know if you feel inspired!' Well, how can I resist the jangle of excited nerve when she is the perfect southern charmer-chameleon. Blonde. Brunette. Certainly Bold. And the images happen lavishly, and I've fallen for her. Oh, how I love LOVE! And Kindred.

To All Of You.

  • Thank you for bringing LOVE, Ryan ('L,' not 'C.')!

  • For being open, Jeanett

  • Thank you Meredith, for being so cool, no...smoove...

  • For being curiously playful Clementine

  • For (Callie) sunshine...and heat

  • Matt Scanlon, thank you for bringing peace and trust

  • Thanks for lighting up the room, and leaving the glow, Robin

  • Cameron, thank you for being the reason

  • Sugar. 'Nuff said?

  • Thank you Marrion, Adam and Lizzy. Goofballs .

  • To all of you...


Nothin' but a 'mofo' party. That'll get me to 250 a lot quicker.
(N0s. 21- 40 in a series)


It was so many years later since the first and last time we'd collaborated. And we've grown. 
One thing has remained the same; Robin Queen is a stunner. 

I liken the stun not to the first surface read of physical beauty that she has; but to the unpredictable awe of her tesla-coil thoughts. She warrants your attention, she's curious and inquisitive, and she will...connect.

Robin is for community. And relationship. Expansion and learning. Good food and color and light. Sit and savor with her. Questions set sail and answers cruise to harbor. Capture each moment and revel in time with an original. She's not finished; and the best part is that she has no interest in being finished.