The Wake-Up Bomb.

Is it me, alone, or has anyone else out there ever experienced the Rip Van Winkle moment? Dread,  fear, loss, uncertainty. Right now, I am already too late. Tomorrow won't be quick enough. You mean to tell me that no one else remembers things as I do? I swear to you, Dave Grohl - that Foo Fighters guy - can play the drums. What do you mean who? Not down with the Foo? 

The good news here is that the next moment is still what it has always been, and that's...blank. Now what?

Just like Art Cole - driver by day; rocker by night - I'll awaken to find that I am recharged rather than remiss of life. I am indeed the luckiest man alive, all over again. Maybe I'll give myself a head start just trusting what my grandfather says: "everything is already always alright." Especially at times like now - a little more road worn and dusty after a winter's nap -  but still operable! The difference now is that I get to choose harnessing what powers of mine to invent, instead of waiting for the old tricks to get me over. Does it mean a tough road ahead? I don't know for sure, but I'm giving myself license to test drive...