Breakin' Away.

      So much time has passed; so many whispers, conversations...debates. Summer has gone on vacation to Mozambique. My family and I have migrated west. One chapter has come to completion and a new one begins. I'll call upon the Psammead tomorrow, but even magical, sand-fairy wishes, stop being granted at some point. 

My wish to photograph the '250 amazing, generous mofos' rolls gently to stop with Ms. Hannah Leigh Esworthy. She and I crossed paths on borrowed time; naturally I noticed, but had decided that we weren't going to get past the 'hi' stage. Surprise! Hannah has a wandering spirit and is a sort of 'peepsologist;' interested in who you are and what you're doing. Of course she would show up at my very own door, literally within hours of my departure from Nashville. Perhaps magic at play, but I hadn't packed the camera away; there's always room to talk, see, and write, right? 

 Who is she? An aware young woman, willing to do the work of finding herself, just before letting that finding go. She's not gonna fall into any traps. A plucky mind who will test the limits. And I just gotta say, she's designed like a Greek statue. Yes, Hannah's wishes are still being granted...

( Hannah Leigh completes my 'mofo' series at N0. 49 )