Mighty Love.

Are you big enough to love?

Love everything that is.
Everything that is not.
Are you willing to love that sound someone else is still making?
Love promises made and something else shows up?
Love the guy on the other team; in the other jersey?
Could you love the journey, no matter how long it's taking, or how quickly it has passed.
What if that journey took someone you love in a different direction; are you big enough to love that?

Naturally, the smallest Marine in U.S. history would be big enough. Trusting enough to enlist even when the Marine Corps didn't have boots her size. No worries; they were willing to make them to measure. Oooh-rah!! 
Now Robin takes her fearless energies and channels them toward the growth and empowerment of others. 
She's big enough to love all of it; even if the boots have to be custom made.