My People.

I want to know - who designs guys like this? Who had the gumption to stir up the American guy pot, thickly loaded to the brim with chest puffing, chaw chewin', and 'one-ups-manship'? Who had the nerve to then turn a cold shoulder, saying: you were ok, but I'm going to make the new design now; and the new design will not only have all that you thought was cool - it's gonna have a take-care-of-you-and-lead-by-example genetic code. The new model will have a dynamite sense of humor and style; it won't even get riled up when the power goes out; he'll just light a candle and snuggle up to you; but not until after he's done making some exquisite foodie fanfare and sets the night ablaze to the ultimate playlist. The new design is a twenty-first century dandy. Put your hands together, guys and gals, for Ryan Decker.

He was on the short list from the first few moments; he carries himself like it matters, and that certainly matters to me. I'm not the only one who noticed, either. I've seen more than one lady give him a particular kind of stare when talking to him. Ever the smart guy, he held those powers of persuasion in check, saving them for his perfect other, Cat. I expect there will be a whole separate story written about those two before all is said and done.

For now, respect to my homie; my mofo, good time charlie and bff. I love you man.

( Ryan is N0. 48 in the '250...mofos' series )