Heaven's Design.

"One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."
( Master Oogway - Kung Fu Panda )


The name chose her. So powerfully the name chose her that it makes me re-think the whole naming convention. There's this communion of saints and litany of sins that get passed from generation to generation just 'cause it's 'the right thing to do.' How come? None of those banners have to be, so why do we so often bear them like a cross? If it doesn't fit, or if you don't like it - fine - change the scene. Choose a different chapter or book. Hmmph...write the damn book.

Following more closely to an ideal that we are who we say we are, my friend Heaven McArthur is a creation; the banner that flies overhead isn't a given, but chosen name, and it's her adjective too. She's cozy; haven taken something from the four-legged friends she loves so dearly and captures for her photography, http://thedailysniff.com/. I would give almost anything for her eye and the way she designs an image.There's a tangible creaminess to the quality of light and the moments she selects. She is what I'm going to call an indelible imprinter; a shutter chef.

Hope for the opportunity to sit for her. It is completely inspiring to watch this figure skater flip, lutz, Solchow, and toe loop to get the shot. The lucky subject always gets to play with her and the process occurs organically, the way only a California girl could muster. She nails it every time and there are no accidents; it's all a part of Heaven's design.