Road Trippin'.

Judgement is a bitch, but transformation doesn't care. Transformation, you see, is a bad motor-finger in its own right.

Here's what I mean: just a few short years ago, my response would have been, 'hell no' when my wife offered a cross-country trip, foregoing hotels, motels, or Holiday Inns to be cradled curiously in the arms of a cyber-community of 'strangers.' I'm talkin' about couch surfing, y'all ( Forget high thread-count sheets, shower gels and bottled water; sink the swimming pool. There's no need for room service when you can holler across the hall to your host.

And so my judgement meter was...tripped. I can't believe I'm in this situation; I would never do this on my own. I certainly wouldn't do
I was off to the races of the mind when my inner champion made a suggestion to 'be in the moment;' be open to what else might be available that I could not see. I took the bait. That's the voice that does the speaking. And...

And here are the advantages: one of our hosts was willing to make, unsolicited, an entire alcohol run since we couldn't reach for a mini-bar. My daughter was happy enough with an unlimited supply of cupcakes, kittens and pony rides in Nebraska. Extraordinary Ethiopian food in St. Louis. Connection to the amazing map-of-the-human...Shalom. What hotel offers that, I ask? Disaster averted. Let love rule...

The good news about transformation, about staying open to possibility, is that ideas flow in, just as easily as they flow out. A special thank you to our road hosts: Raman, Tajal, Anjali, Jackie (pictured) and Elisabeth. What a trip!