The Reflex.

Don't injustice me. Please refrain from even daring to convince me that you aren't trying to pull wool socks over my piercing ice blue eyes. It won't work. I cannot be bought. I shall not be moved. I saw you from over there, and I knew what you were up to. I did. I just knew it.
For being every inch of 1 meter tall, he occurs as a transplant from a far more vertical place; Holland, Germany, Sweden...the oceans of Japan. The disposition, however, is purely U.S.; they did...WHAT?! To WHOM?!! WHY?!! NO WAY?!! @#%&! AaRrrrggghh! A guided missle with the power to both influence policy and...really influence policy, ladies and gentlemen - Corey Lamp.

From the moment we met I noticed a fierce independent streak and a keen interest in order. He has the discipline of an architect or an engineer - things must be just so - combined with the will of a conscious cop. One with a substantial billy club. You weren't going to do that thing, causing harm to yourself and others, were you? I just knew it.

Thanks Corey - for knowing - and mostly, for responsibly sharing the knowing. The world is a much taller place with you in it.

(Corey is N0. 44 of the '250...mofos' series)