Don't Forget About Me.

Nicole Rae won't dare let you look past her (oops, just a moment, please, while I respond to one of her texts). If she doesn't catch your attention with a glance, trip you with a savory remark, turn talk tawdry, then she will surely sway you with her...assets. The hair! The hips! The hype! Halo!

Ms Rae is pop-culture permanence and oxycontin candy. Take your mind off what ails you with the slow drip of distraction; mmmm - feels so nice, I may visit twice (here's another tweet). Sure, sure, there'll be time to pay that bill...l-a-t-e-r. Did you remember to roll the window down for baby? Wha? There's a window?

She's also a pratt-fall. Far-and-away the most likely of the 250 mofos to take the suitcase out of the house without her grace tablets; she's a beauty you don't want to leave alone with the band-aids - she's got a creative relationship with them. Surely 25,000 tweets can't be wrong...

(Nicole Rae is N0. 43 of the '250...mofos.')