Change Clothes.

Patricia Gerbic can show up any time, any place and never be the same person twice. Call it Gumby adaptability. In fact I would strongly encourage the reader NOT to know her upon crossing paths. Rather, if someone asks, you might say you experience her, in lieu of knowing. The muse is going way beyond the whimsical, and getting down in the creative digging ditch, simultaneously. Lucille Ball with a Kahlo kick. I can imagine her delighting a fashion editor or two: 'what color's her hair? I thought she was..., what'll she think of next? What's her name today?

A revelation during our shoot, Trish persuaded me to visit the home she shares with mofo N0. 47 (coming soon); a gorgeous, pastoral Tennessee hideaway with... a hidden skate park in the yard? Whoa. And every turn told tales of the actress,  the painter, the DJ, the teacher,  the bass player, the big sister, the wispy sprite, circus clown, cetera, et cetera. I have experienced Patricia Gerbic, and I can't wait to meet her all over again. Change clothes, and go...

(Patricia is N0. 45 in a series)