Monster Mask.

Life needn't be so serious. Yet, serious, is. Ever felt the Monday Monkey on your chest? Or had the bad weather whines? Yeah, I know. So for the minute that you and I drift over the line, drunk towards significance, along comes a rail of sobriety who's laughing at our pomp and...circumstances.

Yes, we're all dealing with stuff -  it's weighty and important (we think), but fear not. Ryan McCauley is here to bump you back. Seriously...Ryan paints robots.

A voguish Van Gogh without the mania, Ryan is Nashville's texture, color, and underground pop. His mark is indelible; he creates the Jetson's-era 2000s in two dimensions (sometimes three); engineering an army of robots, ubiquitous as the canoodling of guitar strings, 'round here. 

Watch the walls. Examine the corners. Look up! If Ryan gets his way Nashville will soon be known as 'Robot City.' He's gettin' paint on everything! Tag - you're it.