Mama Didn't Raise No Fool, But Papa Don't Take No Mess.

I love, I mean, fear, rather...adore Adrianné Davis Brown. I'm laughing as I write this because I hadn't really put words to my feelings until now. Davis is the original Girlfight. She carries on a storied family lineage of military service; having answered reveille as an MP.  I get the sense that ADB could send me to slumber, with little effort, if she chose to - not that I'm resisting. Reliably, there is an anticipated ecstasy to the bite of a vampire - and I imagine, post the suspense of will I or won't I, a sweet relief to the scorpion's bite - a being gotten. >Yessss.

Alternatively, I receive glimpses that maybe the vigilant eye of Davis is all for show; like the  sign outside a pekinese guarded fence announcing 'beware of dog!' I don't think so. Maybe she's really a sweetie, a snuggler, a man's best friend. Perhaps not this man's best friend, but someone for who I am honored is riding shotgun on my journey...

(Davis is numero 42 in the '250...mofos' series)