To All Of You.

  • Thank you for bringing LOVE, Ryan ('L,' not 'C.')!

  • For being open, Jeanett

  • Thank you Meredith, for being so cool, no...smoove...

  • For being curiously playful Clementine

  • For (Callie) sunshine...and heat

  • Matt Scanlon, thank you for bringing peace and trust

  • Thanks for lighting up the room, and leaving the glow, Robin

  • Cameron, thank you for being the reason

  • Sugar. 'Nuff said?

  • Thank you Marrion, Adam and Lizzy. Goofballs .

  • To all of you...


Nothin' but a 'mofo' party. That'll get me to 250 a lot quicker.
(N0s. 21- 40 in a series)