Oh Girl.

How grateful I am to live in a place outside of New York or L.A. and still commune among stars - while witnessing the formation of new...bursts. 

In a town known for music; for singers, songwriters and performers - I didn't have to look further than a few doors down for a bit of ready-made popular culture named Kindred Sheeler. 

I might have missed the power of this spirit, but for her insistence on collaboration...and relevance. She's taught me how fleeting my first read on someone can be; once again the reminder to be conscious, present...awake. Growth is not a future but now phenomenon. 

Her texts flutter like nectar-starved hummingbirds; 'let me know if you feel inspired!' Well, how can I resist the jangle of excited nerve when she is the perfect southern charmer-chameleon. Blonde. Brunette. Certainly Bold. And the images happen lavishly, and I've fallen for her. Oh, how I love LOVE! And Kindred.