The Night.

Emily, or 'Emmo' or 'Captain E-Mo' arrives ashore - the twentieth mofo in my quest for 250 - an apparition. She purposefully (always purposefully) moves from one end of the room to the next on an invisible toboggan; she's watching me watching her, and she's faster than I am, so...well...I well

A bit like an ethereal mermaid princess when I think about it; so powerful right up to the surface edge - so vulnerable outside her world. Either way I won't take my eyes off her, for there is the sense that extraordinary will happen either/or. 

You may fish for who she'll be today. Above the surface, ardent and set? Below the blue; bubbly, buoyant, Bonnaroo jubilee? I dunno. Doesn't matter. I'm hooked.

( N0. 20 in a series)