The End Of Outside.

Ms. Heidi Espe ( 'Mofo' N0. 18 in a series) has been cooking up something special. She's having a baby! Got me thinking about that 80s movie with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern. It was my primer on adulthood. Though I didn't see my life as anything like the characters', I sure wanted it to be. It shaped my next 20 years through a super-sized filter: 4 bedroom/3 bath, big yard, two cars, show kitchen, oppressive in-laws, >whew<. That was close...  

Heidi seems to be on a far more contemporary course in her approach to motherhood. She and her baby ( identity will be a surprise ) have been bonding as indelible allies since day one. Mom isn't given to effusive expression; her walk does the talking, and what it tells you is how excited she is to meet her baby. 

No movie could prepare me for the wonderfully rare thing created between a mother and her child. It is hardly the water-breaking, water-boiling, manic-cab-ride-through-congested-streets affair written into comedic scripts. Yet close your eyes and imagine: warm, working hands, embraces that never stop hugging you and a dance partner willing to meet your pace, step-for-step...that's what Heidi is up to. Congratulations to you both (and daddy) Happy Birthday!