Before Today.

Thank you, Alissa Moreno, for generously giving the gift of meditation this week. My eyes were veiled and mind opened to its own bursting school of color; gold hammered tin, garnet stone and lapis lazuli feathers. Whodathunk that I carried a carnival inside without movies, magazines, or music?

The teacher welcomes you in to her inviting nestle nest, draped and drenched with a thing called love. It's spicy, warm, and a baby's lean against her mother's familiar belly. Nice.

What's more is that the guru is a pop-star! I love that about Nashville; that you are only ever a step or two away from a hit, or in this case, a hit-maker, 'every day.'
From Alissa:

You deserve the best.
Never feel unworthy or 
not justified in having the best.
I tell you, this is your heritage;
but, you have to accept it.
You have to expect it;
you have to claim it.
To do so is not demanding too much.

-Guru Deva-