Divine Idylle.

There's only one way I know how to say this; Raquelle Bostow has the Best. Face. Ever. It's become one of my favorite mantras. It's as if something pop n' fresh good is ready in the oven; Christmas morning good. Specifically like the Christmas of 1976, when I gingerly snuck downstairs to discover that I had not one - but two Six Million Dollar Man action figures. That's promises delivered and abundance yet-to-come. That's possibility. 

She's a vision with carved-from-dove-bars skin and a comely smile; one casting director away from being a campaign for something treasured. And then, from the most beautiful smile that God hath bestowed upon a human not named Sade, the French language flows. Boom. 

With all that said, you want to know what my favorite thing about Raquelle Bostow is? Why Mr. Bostow, of course.

 Zephaniah is a resonant wavelength that illuminates his bride (so much talent in that man!). He patiently serenaded us during the photo session and nearly sidelined the proceedings by being too good. Their friendship opens the great American songbook and belts it out in a savory falsetto! It shares dance steps, standing on the tops of the others feet. It plays patty-cake. It is an easy love to share in, receive from and...a double action-figure holiday. 

Mofos N0. 16 & 17 live, love, work and play together.