Cedars of Lebanon.

An hour's drive east of Nashville - in a town named for the stuff of Phoenician building blocks - there is an old-fashioned cowboy with a modern world purpose.

Kelly Collom is a horse man. An equine sounding board for the things we want to say, but often...do not. He crafts a hand-tooled alliance from rider to horse; as individual as one of his custom saddles. His mission levels the playing field by listening to his bronco buddies, and sharing their 'words' with us. Clearly he's no 'do little.'

One of a group of communication pioneers (Steve Irwin and Kevin Richardson come to mind) who are outside the lines, Kelly is partnering with the natural world. What do you have to teach me? How can I contribute to you? A compassionate, gentle hand used to gain understanding and trust; an open ear and heart fostering healing in an uncomplicated way.

What a pleasure to spend time with him and Bella, Junior Who and Maggie Blue and the other Horse Corner inhabitants. Come prepared to work, to discover...to break up the limits on what you thought you knew.

Kelly Collom shares the ride.