All In Me.

I just finished a conversation with a client (a friend) who is 'disappointed' with a recent experience she had with me. She is 'just not happy' with the quality of the work I did for her. 

I am listening... 

I am embarrassed and experiencing here I go again - there is something wrong with me - I shouldn't be doing this - I CAN'T do this. At the same time, if I heard those words coming from anyone else, I'd say...the context is decisive. Ok Stephen, I get it. So if I'm choosing a context that builds me up rather than disintegrates - what in her dialogue with me - is for me? Where is the gold?

I am first, grateful, that she said what she needed to say. I am honored to be someone who can receive a communication with no resistance. Then I can see that I did not do everything I know how to do to ensure that she got exactly what she wanted. I can also see that this is a recurring pattern of mine. Why? What will it take for me to love myself enough to handle the details? To be great?

It's all in me.