No Such Thing.

Oh, what to do when opportunity knocks?

Rachel Lowe, raised a red pika pin, threw a party, invited an entire city and raged on for four years. So it was more than a tad ironic when her cool culture gathering spot, TwoElle (, closed its doors as the Year of The Rabbit draws to completion. 

I have been lucky to get to know Rachel during the wee small hours of her retail tour. Even if I wasn't buying a fresh new pair of converse, I could always fill up on the dynamite smile she casts like sun rays, for free. 

Ms. Lowe, unknowingly has thrown one more gratuity my way.

The context is decisive. It isn't the happening that has the power, but what you and I say about that happening. Yes her store has closed. No she doesn't have a 'what's next?' She doesn't need one. 

Maybe she'll call some friends and stir up something wicked and wonderful, like in 'Risky Business,' maybe she'll transform to an elite cyclist, or finally be cast on Broadway. Whatever the 'next' becomes, I know with certainty that who Rachel was in her store; witty, colorful, carnival couturier...will come along. Who cares what's next? It's already working.

You're an all-weather-whatever's-clever-now-and-forever- tougher-than-leather woman. A trailblazer, trendsetter and now...traveler. Pick 'em up, put 'em down; doesn't matter where - we'll be there.


The eve before our photoshoot, Rachel had dinner with her mom. When the fortune cookies came round, hers had nothing in it.

Nothing is everything