Liner Notes.

You catch me off-guard, Elise.

I had you neatly wrapped up as my 'OTHER Breakfast Club co-worker' - the Ally Sheedy look-alike. Then you arrived at my door.

The colorful frost and fringe that accessorize this Bay-area/Philly girl is simply the bubblegum you get with the card. You & I both know it's the card that holds the value.
>Knock-Knock<  'Hello?' Step inside - THE ROCK SHOW!

Elise is the lesser known emissary of Music City; curator of a sound gallery that she creates and consumes. If you have your all-access pass she'll let you in to experience a tour of sonic wonders her father introduced to her years ago. How rare and beautiful is the vibration that vinyl recordings emit? A sensation surpassed only by the live performance that she is.

Sheepishly I'm going to admit it - you're hot! I got all melty watching you move and groove as your shoulders roll like the horizon of a freshly-plucked E string. Rock and Roll. Rattle and Hummmmmmm.

(Elise is N0. 12 of the '250...mofos series)