Learning To Crawl.

I'm watching you James. You young, restless, creative, force. 
I'm watching you grow every day. I'm watching you work through so many questions in your mind - you have this weight on your brow when you're thinkin' about things. I'm calling it the 'Chi Town Stare.'

Now I'm watching you play. You're beating those drums you play as thunderclaps smacking the wet earth. Here you're in command; you aren't thinking - just being. It's beautiful. It's the you that you must be tryin' to get to when you're thinking. I get it. 

It's all good. I mean - all the things they said, all the rules that you're supposed to follow, all the 'shoulds' that get in the way - give 'em (you) some space. Play.

James Chiodo, you're one to watch. You are awesome.

(N0. 14 of the '250...mofos.')