Hard Day.

Boom, boom, crack, bat-thwack, rap attack...watch your back. 
Stacks stats.
Healthy wealth of rights like monsoon swell..tearing at the sides of a bag.
>POP<   you've fell - for his charms and long arms. Kwisp, I mean, quick, with a beat-yo-ass stick.
Bodies' timing rewinds to incline, but first the boom-boom, rickity-clickity-tickity-tock rock-yo-socks - calls you to attention; Peter, Mary and Paul...all y'all sign up and get in; class is in session - let the master begin. 

Jamie Bryant doesn't like exclamation points, but has instead become one. He is the creator/owner and principle punch behind Hotbox Nashville. Drop in...not to get dropped; but launched...