Candy Everybody Wants.

Life's class factotum, Ryan Horn is a live news feed; photos, videos, tweets, and other social media real time. 

 He's also master to a sugary sweet land of make-believe in primary color (cue the Wonka music); namely - The Pez Collection.

How many pieces? I'm going to awkwardly guess at 1,000 - but those were just the ones we pulled for the purpose of this image. The reality is that there are...more; in boxes, on shelves, under platforms, in books, and now - in my dreams. Remarkably it's all tastefully organized, meaning Ry won't be on that reality show any time soon. He may, however, guest appear as the Simpsons' lost cousin.

Like an 'off-menu' bowl of the BIG-AS-YOUR-HEAD Cippinno at Scoma's in San Francisco, the Simpsons collection is a big surprise. After all, in chats with him the Pez always seem to come up; but for the connoisseur, there is Groening's Grotto

We'll leave that for another conversation. This is about Ryan; the consummate ally. The comedy show side-man. The foil. The gent. The wait-til-you're-in-the-house-safe-and-sound-before-he-leaves friend. Thank you Ryan.

                                              (N0. 13 in the '250...mofos' series)