Sun It Rises.

I've known Callie for maybe six weeks. Wonderful weeks. In fact I am so excited that I've started a little chant to myself: please universe, let 'Callie Sunshine' be real. Can she really be this way? Fundly?
I experience her in slow motion - like the best part of an indie rock song or art-house film. Play that part again...

She is a dichotomy: wispy-willow, slender-trace air ;  then barrel-roll, gusty-wind guffaw.  

Somewhere in the land of Lincoln, a lithe beauty has emerged from a dense wood. She dusts the flurries off her rosy, frost-kissed cheeks, rides aloft on a Nor'easter and settles Yea Callie! Muse, music, and must-see! Glad to be friends and creative partners.

Proud auntie of three little birds.

(N0. 9 in the '250...mofos' series)