Playas Gon' Play.

Mr. Daniel Alexander Royal Norris (D.A.R.N.). Alex jokes that his parents gave him that name after he arrived their happy 'accident.' I beg to differ. How can anyone with a fall-over-backward- fightin'-for air laugh like his NOT be here on purpose? 

When this powerhouse dude figures out who he really is - wow. For as easily as he reaches the heart of people, makes himself accessible and gives lavishly - there is an entire gear of grace yet untapped. Think back to the few minutes before you heard Led Zepplin IV; what comes next could change everything.

Add to that the stroll; a staccato marching general inspecting his troops is how he walks. G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip. Hero by day. Superhero at night. 

This one's for the Peter Pans who refuse to accept an ordinary life of chores and bills. For the innovators there is this really sick collection of 1980s 12-inch, die-cast metal, action figures - still in the box - waiting for us at home. Thanks for keeping them (and the dream) alive, Alex.

(Proud member of Hufflepuff House - N0. 11 in a series)