L.O.V.E. And You & I

My daughter and her friends teach me more than anyone. The current curriculum? Humility, patience, openness...'and above all these is love.' 

In our home, children arrive whole, complete and perfect. Needing nothing. 

What that looks like in real time isn't always pretty to the outside world, and to me (more importantly) it often looks like a train wreck. Then the lesson begins. I say it is their life and world as much as it is mine. I may not choose for myself to be covered in paint, or mud, or to wear the same outfit for days on end. I may not be at that level of freedom to simply be - throwing a public tantrum - but  I do have the capacity to know how to get out of their way. AND, I can do it without a tantrum, modeling another way for them to be. If they have that freedom, and keep that freedom; who might they be for their community? Who am I to take it away? 

I tell you what; the day I get into that situation - the one the movies always create - where I'm stuck with a bunch of folks and there's little time left before...well, you know - I want one of those freedom citizens with me! I'm looking for that hero who doesn't know that it's societally wrong to take off your shoes in public! In the time the rest of us are standing there with our shoes on, they'll be barefoot and thinking their way (and ours) out of the box!

Hallelujah, I think I just created an empowering context for the way my daughter and her friends are. They are perfect.