Be Thankful For What You've Got.

Thanksgiving. A great afternoon of sushi and pizza with some loved ones.

My friend Paul Dolman is the author of  'Hitchhiking with Larry David'. A true account of being picked up (not so accidentally) by the creator of 'Seinfeld.' This self-professed extraterrestrial is thumbing his way into the conscious mind, right here on Earth.

Paul walks into a room appointed - scanning for the conversation that turns strangers into neighbors. He is freely and quickly connected with such ease.  His interactions are either funny or intimate or confrontational or loving or well...never boring. Never business as usual. Magic happens, and you better not blink, 'cause it happens fast! Even when I want to duck and run the other way, I realize it's 'cause my littlest me is running from the biggest, brightest part of me. Paul is my reminder to listen and reach; play and sing, laugh and blow stuff up.

Thanksgiving. I am grateful.